Frequently Asked Questions for Researchers

What is Ayda?

Ayda is your gateway to effortless end-to-end participant and research management.

This research operations (ReOps) platform powers teams to deliver industry-defining user insight faster​. Ayda streamlines the operational tasks for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

How does Ayda work?

With built-in communication tools, personalised recruitment, and screening campaigns, trackability across teams and projects, and real-time incentive payments to more than 30 countries, Ayda provides you with the tools to create a smooth and straight forward experience for your participants and users.

Who is Ayda for?

Ayda streamlines the operational tasks of research for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our customers consist of UX teams, UX contractors, Market Researchers, and market Research Agencies. Whether you’re a team of 1 or 100, Ayda is an essential tool for research teams.

Will Ayda recruit participants for me?

Ayda enables you to create screeners to recruit your own participants. Your unique screener link can be used to recruit participants via email, social media and more.

After you’ve recruited your participants, Ayda has a Participant Relationship Management (PRM) system where you can retain and manage participant records and data in a secure and compliant manner.

How does Ayda help me reduce operations time?

From sourcing participants to managing panels, facilitating participant communication, managing consent, coordinating schedules, and handling payments, Ayda streamlines a whopping 92% of your research tasks.

How do I sign up?

Signing up to Ayda is straightforward and quick. Just head to our Request a Demo page to let our team know you’re interested, and they’ll reach out to you shortly with the next steps.  

Can I collaborate with my colleagues on my projects?

Yes! You can collaborate synchronously with your fellow researchers on your company account; across projects, dashboards and reports.

How long does it take to pay my participants?

Payments, either cash, vouchers or charities, are made in real-time as soon as the participant claims it. However, the processing time can vary dependant on payment destination.

What payment destinations does Ayda offer?

Participants can choose to claim with UK Bank, IBAN,PayPal or pick between over 150+ vouchers and charities destinations!

Can I pay participants outside the UK?

Yes! With Ayda you can pay participants in 30+ countries.

Is Ayda available in multiple languages?

Ayda is currently available in English (UK) and French.

Where can my participants find more information on how Ayda works for them?

We have all our participant information available on our Participant page where they can find information about Ayda and what the process will look like for them.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password by clicking ‘forgot your password?’ on the log in page.

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