Pay Research Respondents Instantly

Ayda is the quickest, easiest way for you to manage research respondent payouts. No spreadsheets, no batching payments, no additional data to collect.

Make respondent recruitment and retention easier by giving them what they want – direct-to-bank payments – while also increasing your own productivity.

Pay research participants instantly with Ayda

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Spend your time doing research, not making payouts  

Save 60 work days a year with Ayda

Managing respondent incentives the traditional way is time-consuming for you and your colleagues. And while 95% of respondents want to be paid direct-to-bank, they’re the most complex and time-consuming to manage.

Avoid chasing respondents for bank details, chasing finance colleagues to make payments, and the complexity of dealing with payment-related PII and GDPR regulations. Ayda handles it all on your behalf. 

Why researchers choose Ayda

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Save time & work more efficiently

Stop spending time handling cash, chasing payments or collecting bank details. Using Ayda saves you an average of 60 days a year – giving you more time to focus on your research and your business.

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Ensure security & regulatory compliance

Traditional payouts – and sending bank details via email – aren't secure or GDPR compliant. Ayda is ICO-registered, employs bank-level security, and collects and manages data in strict compliance with GDPR.

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Retain respondents by giving them what they want

Respondents want direct-to-bank payouts – fast. Ayda delivers, helping you to build loyalty and retain the respondents you've recruited.

Researchers love Ayda

"We care hugely that participants have a good experience. I want them to have enjoyed it, to want to do another group – it means we get better participation. Swift and prompt payment for your time adds to that. With Ayda the whole process feels slick. I’ve just met you and now I’m authorizing your payment. Thank you very much. I think that’s hugely important."

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"As an ISO-accredited company, compliance and GDPR is incredibly important to us.

With Ayda we make sure nothing falls through the cracks."

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Ayda’s dashboards and real-time reporting make it easier for your team to collaborate

Track your project's processes, and constantly have updated information.

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