You didn’t pursue a career in research to be drowning in spreadsheets

Ayda handles 92% of operational tasks, so you can focus on delivering impactful research to your clients

Ayda streamlines operational tasks at every stage of research, whether you're a team of one or one hundred.

  • Pay incentives quickly and securely in a variety of methods - including instant cash payments
  • Pay users with cash, PayPal, voucher or charity donation - when given the choice, 95% choose cash
  • Pay in over 30 currencies, no hidden fees
  • Streamline your recruitment and screening process to find the best users for research
  • Say goodbye to drawing in recruitment spreadsheets and contact lists
  • Recruit the right users using smart screening and our Google Analytics integration
  • Securely build a database of users fast
  • Tag users for future research projects
  • Make sure your security, user-protection and ethics are water-tight
  • Reduce the risk to your brand and reputation - and protect your users - by ensuring
    best practice across all your projects
  • Choose from Ayda’s in-built NDAs, documents and policies and customise to fit your
  • Speed up the process using SES level e-signature documents and get notified once a user
    has signed
  • GDPR protected and MRS Best Practice
  • Track progress across teams and projects
  • See real-time reports on projects, at every stage of the process
  • Scale research capabilities in your team by giving access to multiple teams and team members
  • Download reports and databases securely for your records
  • Retain excellent users and reduce no-shows
  • No-more clunky systems. Ayda is a platform created specifically with user needs at
    its core meaning they love using it
  • Automated scheduling, reminders and user-communication
  • A dedicated customer support via live chat and email
  • Build a database of users for future research
  • Save, manage users and rate users based on the quality of their feedback
  • Automatically record past participation
  • Filter by recruitment source, demographic, product usage, tags and custom fields
  • Add tags to highlight information that’s important to your research
  • Schedule emails directly from your database

Our customers say

"Ayda automates all the boring admin, giving me more time to dig deep into data analysis and all the interesting research-y stuff which is what I enjoy the most about my job."

Folk Research - Fieldwork Operations Manager

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