Why Ayda?

Because a great respondent experience is fundamental to participation in research

It's time to rethink the research respondent experience

We've overlooked the respondent experience for too long. And it’s one of the main reasons why we have such high attrition rates and low completion rates today.  This, coupled with high rates of fraud, has the capacity to bring the sample and fieldwork industry to its knees.

If we’re serious about addressing this, we have to go back to basics: to understand what's important to respondents, and to start to treat them as the valued customers they are.

In doing so, we won’t just improve attrition and completion rates – we'll also encourage more people to take part in research.

Ayda knows what respondents want – and helps you give it to them

We ran a study to better understand what research respondents want. Unsurprisingly they want payment, fast and in their preferred choice of reward.

Critically, 95% of respondents want that reward to be direct-to-bank – i.e. cash.

At Ayda, we’re not shy about saying you should give research respondents what they want. We’re leaning into it. And if you want to do right by your respondents, you will too.

Direct-to-bank payments are better for everyone involved

95% of respondents wanting direct-to-bank incentive payments should be compelling enough for anyone to consider. But we offer a further incentive for researchers.

At Ayda, we use direct-to-bank payments as an additional method of verification. This ensures that our customers are paying real people – not dupes, bots or survey farms.  

Want to do right by the people who take part in your research?

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