Pay Respondents Instantly With Ayda

Ayda makes payouts to research respondents smooth and compliant – while saving you up to 60 days a year.

How the Ayda platform works

1. Create your project

Add researchers, respondents and a budget.

2. Choose incentive types

Choose as many types of reward as you’d like to offer: payments direct to bank in GBP, EUR and USD to 52 countries; PayPal; and 500+ popular voucher types.

3. Approve incentives

Use the one-click payment approval to make payment available to respondents.

4. Respondents claim incentives

Notifications are sent, and respondents can sign in to claim the incentive of their choice. Incentives are disbursed in real time.

“Ayda saves me hours of work every time I use it. Who has time to collect bank details and make individual payments anymore?"

Alice Fenyoe, Curiouser

Benefits of using Ayda

Save time - up to 60 days a year

Imagine what you could do if you didn’t have to spend time handling cash, collecting bank details or chasing payments. Using Ayda gives you back an average of 5 days a month – that’s 60 days a year – to focus on meaningful work.

Retain respondents by giving them what they want

To retain respondents you need to reward them and treat them fairly. Respondents want direct-to-bank payouts: our data shows that 95% prefer cash to vouchers, and they want payment fast, not days later. Ayda customers report improved retention rates, decreased churn and high respondent satisfaction.

Ensure compliance and data security

Traditional payout methods like collecting and sending bank details via email bring unwanted data and security risk to your business. Ayda employs bank-level security collects and collects all information required to process direct-to-bank transfers so you don’t have to.  Ayda collects and manages data in strict compliance with GDPR.

Simplify payment reconciliation

Ayda’s in-platform reporting provides complete transparency. Reconcile and audit payments with ease via standard reports.

Enjoy quick onboarding & setup

Get onboarded and start using Ayda within just 24 hours! We’ll guide you through your account setup, including showing you how to invite your colleagues, create projects and add credit to your wallet.

Connect to existing systems

Ayda can integrate with existing systems via its RESTful API, secured by OAUTH2 security.

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