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Want to stop drowning in spreadsheets and actually focus on your meaningful research?

Ayda automates 92% of research operations for you!

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All types of research teams trust Ayda

Trusted by UX and market research teams

Your Time Made Productive

Manage participants, documentation and incentives in minutes!

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Ayda’s dashboards and real-time reporting make it easier for your team to collaborate

Track your project's processes, and constantly have updated information.

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Compensate from 2000+ different options

Effortlessly automate incentive payments in 30+ currencies without hidden fees.  

Choose from cash, PayPal, bank transfer, 150+ voucher options or charitable donations - secure and speedy.

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Recruiting and screening have never been easier!

Improve your existing recruitment and screening with all your schedules, interviews & reminders under one place.

Build a quality database of users and improve your existing workflows with our continuously enriched PRM system.

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No shows? Poor engagement? Say bye-bye to that!

Ayda creates a memorable experience for users, making them want to use it again!

This means higher retention and engagement for you!

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Securely manage all your forms

Download, track, and speed things up with e-signatures and automated reminders!

Ayda personalises template documents according to your needs

- Consent Forms
- NDAs
- Project Policies

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Big or small, Ayda knows what to do!

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Why companies like yours love Ayda

Ayda made the process of paying respondents and sharing our NDAs simple and very easy to manage – it’s a huge time saver!

Company, Job Title

CRS International - Field & Office Manager

"It is worth its weight in (digital) gold as far as I'm concerned!"

White Rabbit Research - Director

Ayda has really made things easier and ironed out some big creases in our incentive workflow.”

Touchstone Partners

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