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Hello Ayda!

Hello Ayda!

We’re excited to announce our new name and identity.  

Hello Ayda, goodbye Particity!   

We’ve grown since the business was founded and were in need of an identity that better reflects who we are and our position as a leading Research Operations platform in the ResTech industry. As we expand internationally having a name that’s easy to pronounce was also important!

Why ‘Ayda’?

As anyone who has done it before will tell you, naming is hard.  

Where to start? As you’d expect, we did our research first. A consistent theme from numerous customer interviews was the exceptional support and service the platform provides. It was clearly important for us to capture this in the new name as well as the essence of our brand.  

During one of our late-night brainstorm sessions a name that came up was the first tech visionary, Ada Lovelace. To us she embodied strength and creativity as well as technological smarts. Fusing this inspiration with the support we provide to our customers seemed like the perfect blend.  

We then worked closely with our friends at YaYa to breathe life into Ayda and create a brand that captures this inspiration as well as perfectly embodies our values as a team and business.  

What’s next for Ayda?

Ayda is the start of a new journey for us and for our customers. We’re growing and continually evolving, working on how we can serve and support our customers and industry better. Always with the researcher and participant experience at the heart of our platform and service design. 

Particity was originally created to help solve researcher’s payment issues. As time has progressed, so has our business. The Ayda of 2022 not only provides payment solutions but participant management, in-built documentation and more.  

We can’t wait to bring you on this journey with us as we take on the future of research operations.