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Best of: User Research Online Courses

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Whether you’re new to user research or just need a refresher here are our top recommendations for user research online courses. We’ve included both paid and free courses to fit everyone’s budgets as well as a variety of course lengths to fit a range of schedules.


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Free user research online courses:

Advance Your Skills as a User Experience Researcher – LinkedIn

This course is available for free if you have LinkedIn Premium. Alternatively, LinkedIn Premium offers a one month free trial with which you can complete this course. Taught by UXR experts, this course only takes three and a half hours – a perfect way to refresh your knowledge on user research basics. It also offers university credits at chosen universities and a certificate upon completion.


UX Research for Beginners Course – Career Foundry

Made up of seven tutorials, in both video and written formats, this course includes quizzes at the end of each tutorial to help engage and track your progress. By completing this course, you will receive a discount on any paid courses you may want to enroll in with Career Foundry.  


UX Research HEC Montreal – edX

If you have a bit more time to commit, edX’s course is a fantastic option. While this course does take a bit more time, 6-9 hours a week over six weeks, you have the option to do it in your own time with no mandatory live sessions. edX also offer a paid upgrade for this course, with graded exams and a certificate upon completion.


Conduct UX Research and Test Early Concepts – Google

From ‘planning your studies’ to ‘sharing your findings’ this course is a great way to introduce yourself to all steps in the user research process. Taking place over four weeks, with a topic and quiz released each week this course also celebrates your completion with a certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn Profile.

Paid user research online courses:  

User Research – Methods and Best Practices –Interaction Design Foundation

The only payment necessary to take part in this course is a membership to the Interaction Design Foundation itself which comes to £10.50a month (paid yearly). The course will take about 32 hours start to finish and can be scheduled in your own time once each lesson has been released each week. Perhaps the most important thing to note is that networking is a big part of this course, and they encourage you to attend optional meetups in your city.


UX Research Bootcamp – Memorisely

Starting at $875 for five weeks this course is among the most expensive in our list. It is set up like a university course with live classes, co-working sessions and scheduled tasks. While it might not be for everyone, this course is for those who want an educational setting and structure with a classroom/lecture style feel.


UX & User Research Course – DesignLab

This course by DesignLab stands out against its fellow courses for one main reason: mentors. When taking part in this course, you get placed with a mentor whose job it is to provide feedback on your work and support you throughout the course. Previous mentors have come from organizations like Microsoft and Google. Priced at $399, the UX & User Research Course takes four weeks to complete.


UX Research Specialty Course List – NN/g Nielsen NormanGroup

The UX Research Specialty is an add on for those who complete at least five UX research courses with NN/g. These include: Remote User Research, Survey Design and Execution, and Research Ops: Operationalizing and Socializing User Research just to name a few. These courses are quite pricey (averaging around $900 each), especially considering you have to complete five to get the big, snazzy certification but individually they are much more doable.

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