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Best of: Transcription Services

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Transcribing has never been the task you want to be spending your time on. That’s why transcribing tools exist, so they can do it for you. Just like Ayda, transcribing sites and software helps you save time on transcriptions so you can spend time on the parts of your job you enjoy. From pay-as-you-go to billed yearly, our top picks for transcribing sites have options for everyone.

Ayda is a research operations platform that automates and streamlines 92% of the tasks typically carried out by researchers - all while staying GDPR compliant and helping you do the same. is perhaps the most well-known transcription service, offering business, individual and education subscriptions to choose from. is available on iOS, web and Android devices and can integrate with tons of tools you probably already use such as Zoom, Google Meet, calendars and agendas. With their speaker identification feature,’s tech learns to recognize speakers' voices so it can automatically label them for you. At the moment, is only available in English.

Price: Free, Pro: $8.33 per month/billed yearly, Business: $20 per user - per month/billed yearly, Enterprise.  

Pick if: you want an easy to use, well rounded transcription service that will integrate well with the tools you already use and love.

Selling point: Their integration with tools like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams to record, note take and transcribe meetings even if you can’t join them yourself.  


You know how we feel about data security here at Ayda – Trint has ISO certified security, permission levels, and version history to keep it as secure as possible and so you never have to worry about losing your work. Transcriptions are available in over 30 languages and translations in more than 50. To ensure your videos are inclusive and accessible, Trint offers close captions on all videos.  

Price: Starter: €44 per user - per month/billed yearly, Advanced: €52 per user - per month/billed yearly, Enterprise.

Pick Trint if: you are part of a global team looking to share and collaborate on your work, in different countries and in different languages.  

Selling point: Trint is available in 30+ languages, making it the second most language inclusive tool in this list.


Happyscribe are a transcription service that offer a choice of human-made transcriptions or automatic transcriptions, with options in price, time and accuracy dependent on your project’s needs. They support multiple languages and export formats – so you can share with whoever you want wherever you want. The second service they offer is subtitling which is available in 3 options: automatic, human-made, and human-made with translations.

Price: Automatic: €0.20 per minute, Human-made: €2 per minute, Human-made with translation (for subtitles): €20.85 per minute.  

Pick Happyscribe if: you’re looking for a transcription and subtitle service without a subscription required.

Selling point: The flexibility of the services provided dependent on time, money and accuracy. Giving you the freedom to change it up per project.  


Descript is the cool, artistic, trendy relative of the situation. Focused on video and audio editing, Descript sits on the creative side of the transcription services in this list and is available in 23 languages. Their services include transcription, podcasting, subtitles & captioning, filler word removal and much more.  

Price: Free, Creator: $12 per user - per month/billed yearly, Pro: $24 per user - per month/billed yearly, Enterprise.

Pick Descript if: you’re looking to turn your interviews into videos, ideas into podcasts, demo videos, product tours – this is the tool for you if you’re looking to branch into the creative space.  

Selling point: One tool, many outcomes. Podcast? Videos? Transcripts? Descript’s got you covered.


Sonix is most similar to or Trint… but with the option to pay as you go and transcription services available in 35+ languages and dialects. Simple and straight forward, Sonix offers a full end-to-end transcription experience. You know exactly what you’re going to get with Sonix and it’s shareable across social media and your team.

Price: Standard: $10 per hour, Premium: $5 per hour and $22 per user - per month/billed yearly, Enterprise.

Pick Sonix if: you’re looking for a standard transcription service with all the bells and whistles AND the ability to pay as you go.  

Selling point: Their advanced search and organization allowing you to filter transcripts by word, acronym or phrase and add custom labels.  

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